Andromeda: Cost management and more
The Andromeda business unit, part of SkyLab Italia since 2010, provides cost planning solutions with a complete SaaS based platform capable of a full coverage of costs related processes: project estimation, long range planning, year over year cost planning, timeline management, supplier’s orders tracking, issues and risks management, reporting and business intelligence.


Clear plan estimation
Time and cost evaluation for a deep understanding of a plan sustainability ad feasibility

Situation-aware decision making
Project comparison and what-if scenarios made easy

Collaboration support
A single shared platform, a common program database

Cost saving
No hardware installation, low added values tasks reduced at the minimum

Data reliability
User of different business processes work all within the same software & data

Advanced reporting capabilities
For progress and issues sharing



In the long range planning activities, a good understanding of the feasibility and sustainability of the plan requires cost and timing evaluation: project managers estimate several projects, compare different scenarios and make better decisions.
Foreseeing the amount of resources needed helps the company to determine future hiring strategies.

Andromeda covers this process, making your team capable of evaluating project costs and to create what-if scenarios, giving back a return on the overall estimation of future planning.

icon estimateESTIMATE

Andromeda – Project Management Solution
Andromeda – Project Management Solution


The process of estimating costs of specific work packages and defining a cost baseline for the projects is known as budget determination.
As the project progresses, the project team needs to develop new forecasts for the estimation of the project’s completion, which may differ from the cost baseline.

Andromeda’s Budget & Forecast processes:

  • Allow multi-dimensional analysis through breakdown structures (WBS, CBS, OBS, etc.)
  • Support collaboration between different team members
  • Provide tools like MS Excel add-in for data uploading and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Automate forecast processes by comparing planned against actual performances and by distributing variances

icon estimateCOST & RESOURCE


Make-or-buy analysis determines whether a particular work can best be accomplished by the internal project team or should be purchased from outside sources.
Andromeda supports Make or Buy decisions.
Project Managers can allocate the fraction of the work that will be carried out internally according to the type of skills and the amount of resources available within the organization, and conversely, the portion of work that needs to be performed by external sources.

Andromeda supports the planning & monitoring of Insource and Outsource activities and their derived processes:
▪ Insource activities are followed up by comparing planned against actual, resulting in internal resources workload forecast
▪ Outsource activity progress tracking, in collaboration with suppliers
▪ Suppliers performance evaluation

icon estimateCOST & RESOURCES +icon estimateTRACKING ORDERS

Andromeda – Project Management Solution
Andromeda – Project Management Solution


Along the entire lifespan of the project, it is necessary to estimate, plan and monitor main milestones and phases. Compressing or expanding a project timeline may have strong effects on cost estimation and resource allocation and availability.
A project delay may also affect other projects with which they are connected.

Andromeda allows managers to:
• regulate project timelines
• set constraints and interactions between milestones
• compare different versions of the same timeline along the way

icon estimateTIMING


Identifying and assessing issues and risks, collecting progress reports and feedback from project teams and updating Top-Level management are crucial and critical tasks for managers.

Andromeda provides a collaborative environment where projects and functional managers share projects issues and risks and define the required actions, the due dates and the owners.
Dashboard and reports give Top-Level management an immediate idea of project status and address project analysis.

icon estimatePROGRESS

Andromeda – Project Management Solution
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