Time & cost management – eng

Time & cost management software, best-suited for Enterprise Companies. It consists of five modules:

  • Estimate: permits to carry out the time & costs prevision, drawing up alternative scenarios and reestablishing global planning estimate of portfolio projects
  • Cost&Resource: plans and monitors costs and resources of the project, defines the amount of work per work package, determines budget, develops the previsions on completion, analyzes the load of work of the resources to take a make-or-buy decision
  • Timing: allows to estimate, plan and supervise the main milestones and phases during all the stages of the project
  • Progress: helps to establish collaborative surrounding where the project manager and employees share the risks and define the remedial or precautionary actions with relative deadlines, reporting back to top management an immediate in-depth perspective of the state of the project
  • Tracking Orders: supports the control of activity in outsourcing, traces the progress of the orders in collaboration with internal owners and suppliers, shares total sums and economical balance for completed activities, evaluates the suppliers’ performance