Our code expresses the ethical commitment and accountability in the way we conduct our business and activities which are taken on by the employees of SkyLab Italia and its subsidiaries, whether executive or by the individual worker.

A collaborative approach towards stakeholders

SkyLab Italia mantains and develops trusting relationships with its stakeholders.
Who are the stakeholders? All those individuals, groups or institutions who play a role in the success of SkyLab’s mission and have an interest in the pursuit of that mission.
Stakeholders are those who make investments in the activities of SkyLab Italia: shareholders, staff members, clients, suppliers and business partners.

Unethical conduct

Unethical conduct in the performance of business activities will compromise a trusting relationship between SkyLab Italia and its stakeholders and therefore, is not tolerated.
Unethical conduct creates hostile attitudes towards a company – this includes any attempt by any individual or organization to reap the benefits from the contributions of others by exploiting positions of power.

The value of a good reputation and fiduciary duties

A good reputation is an essential resource. A good reputation in external relations promotes shareholder investment, client loyalty, the recruitment of the best and the brightest, a supplier’s peace of mind and reliability in the eyes of creditors.

Hence the code of ethics consists of:

• the general principles about the relationships with stakeholders, which determine the core values for SkyLab’s activities;

• the criteria on which our code of conduct exists. These generate the specific guidelines and standards that SkyLab Italia staff members are required to follow in order to comply with the general principles and prevent the risk of unethical behavior;

• the mechanisms of implementation which define the system of controls designed to ensure the observance and continuous improvement of the code of ethics.

The value of reciprocity

This code is imbued with the ideal of cooperation in creating a mutual benefit for all the parties involved and in respect to each role. Therefore SkyLab Italia requires that each stakeholder act in accordance with the principles and rules set down by our code of conduct.

Validity and application of the code

The code of ethics applies to SkyLab Italia and all its subsidiaries, therefore, it is binding in regard to the conduct of all its staff members. In addition, SkyLab Italia requires from all its associated or subsidiary companies, a working behaviour consistent with the general principles of the code of ethics. This is valid in Italy and abroad, albeit taking into regard the cultural, social and economic differences in the various countries where SkyLab Italia operates.