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Maximizing the value of our people and our experiences
team up our partners, subsidiaries, and the markets
implement and deliver innovative services with high technological content.

SkyLab combines high value IT solutions with consulting experience for enterprise-class companies.

In order to accomplish our aims, we rely on our highly-qualified people: a unique mix of know-how and experience, together with high technology, gives us a clear view of complex problems.

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Together is a solution that satisfies the specific needs of each customers in every area concerning strategic human resources management.

Together goes beyond used systems and technologies, and founds its work methods on a strong and active customer participation.

Entirely developed by SkyLab, Together allows full control in each step of the project evolution.


Andromeda is a web, enterprise class planning software realized with the idea of easing Budget&Forecast processes for international and multi region organizations.

Andromeda helps to estimate, plan and reconcile actual costs of projects, managing different cost types such as labor hours, supplier orders or customer’s defined ones.

Business Intelligence reports and dashboards like Planned vs Actuals or Work load forecast are provided in seconds, helping our customers in their planning and governance processes.


WebX offers a suite of innovative solutions that boost your online marketing business performance.

Web and mobile site owners and managers can increase B2B & B2C web lead generation, offer customized user experiences to their users, ensure web content moderation and maximum security.

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