SkyLab Italia enriches its own offer with consultancy and support services, thus maximizing the users’ experience and benefits of products utilization. Being faithful to the mission, the structure of offered services includes not only the necessary for distribution activities and perfect functioning of technological components, but also the support to clients in need to reach their own business targets.

Support service deals with all the remedial requests, analyzing activities, relevant and developmental estimate and change. Tutorials, videos, manual instructions of support complete clients’ experience, ensuring the correct use of all features.

SkyLab Italia calls for better service in favour of key user, identified by the client, with the final target to balance well all the aspects of the process that are being managed inside the platform.

Acquired experience in the field of SaaS services supply to clients of enterprise profile encouraged SkyLab Italia to include in the support service also some activities of platform administration to ensure the maximum of operative support and effectiveness of the business for its own clients.

Support services